How to buy bitcoin in Pakistan without hassle

Everyone talks about investing in crypto and how it can make you rich quickly. Many people don’t know that digital currencies have experienced many ups & downs over the last few decades. It's as well extremely risky to invest in crypto. Find out how to purchase Bitcoin in Pakistan. This article will explain everything. All the information is available in this article.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has experienced incredible fluctuations in value over the last few years. We will however examine the fluctuation in Bitcoin's value.

A lot of people in Pakistan search for Bitcoin and the best way to purchase it. First, they search for ways to purchase Bitcoin in Pakistan. They also look for digital currency wallets. They also inquire about how to trade bitcoins in Pakistan.

Here is a method to How to buy bitcoin in Pakistan free easy method

These are some questions that people frequently are asked. Unfortunately, there aren't any answers that are definitive.

We'll answer your queries and guide you on safer ways to purchase Bitcoins in Pakistan. In this post, we will attempt to provide all the necessary information about blockchain. We will first talk about what cryptocurrency is, and which cryptocurrency it can be purchased.


A virtual or digital currency which is protected by cryptography is called cryptocurrency. Cryptography prevents anyone from generating cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology is used to make cryptocurrency. The most important characteristic of cryptocurrency is that it doesn't have any central bank or authority, which makes it inaccessible to government officials.

Types of Cryptocurrency

There are a variety of cryptocurrencies in existence right now. Bitcoin is the most sought-after cryptocurrency around the globe. All these digital currencies have distinct specifications and features.

These are just some of the most popular cryptocurrency options that are available.

This image shows different virtual coins, also known as cryptocurrency.


When we first came up with the term cryptocurrency, we were using blockchain technology. Many people are still wondering what blockchain actually is. But don't be concerned, we'll help you understand blockchain.

Blockchain is an ever-growing list of records, also known as blocks which are connected using cryptography. It's a kind of ledger digital that records the transactions between two people. Blockchain is efficient and a verified system. Blockchain doesn't permit users to change the data. In simple words, an open and distributed open digital ledger you cannot alter.

Image of the banner featuring blockchain technology.

While there are many other cryptocurrency options, Bitcoin is the most well-known and significant. Therefore, we will concentrate on Bitcoin. Before you decide to purchase Bitcoin in Pakistan Here are a few things you should know.

We've covered everything regarding blockchain and cryptocurrency but we'll now concentrate on the primary reason you're in this to learn about "Bitcoin".

Bitcoin is one of the most popular and valuable cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has seen a significant price increase in 2017. Today, 1 Bitcoin is equal to 1,446,470.09 Pakistani Rupee. You have a number of choices for storing Bitcoins. There is a lot of interest in Bitcoin in Pakistan. Here are the options to purchase Bitcoin and the risks.

Are Bitcoin legal to purchase in Pakistan?

April was the month that all cryptocurrency was banned by the State Bank of Pakistan. All banks and financial institutions were instructed to stop cryptocurrency transactions. It is therefore not legal to buy Bitcoins in Pakistan however, many people invest in Bitcoin. Making investments in Bitcoin is risky, and you may get arrested if you make Bitcoin transactions are carried out in Pakistan.

Since there isn't a legal platform to trade cryptocurrency in Pakistan People are allowed to trade Bitcoins with cash. So if you are trading Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency in Pakistan then there is a possibility that the Federal Investigating Agency (FIA) will be able to catch you. This is the reason you must consider the risk when selling or buying Bitcoins in Pakistan.

A infographic that shows how the people of Pakistan exchange bitcoins or the best way to purchase bitcoins.

How to purchase Bitcoin in Pakistan

Only one cryptocurrency exchange is currently accessible in Pakistan. This is where people can buy Bitcoin from Pakistan., the only site that allows you to trade and purchase Bitcoins in Pakistan is their platform. To trade Bitcoins using you must sign up for an account on their website. This guide will show you how to purchase Bitcoin in Pakistan.

Click on the sign-up link on Localbitcoins.

A password as well as an email address will be required to create an account.

You'll need to scan a copy of your CNIC to be able to make large transactions. It's not necessary for transactions that aren't large transactions.

Click Buy Bitcoins after registering an account.

After that, you will see a list of Bitcoin traders. They are selling Bitcoins. Look for traders with positive reviews.

Click the Buy button in order to go through the terms and conditions.

After you have read the document, you can note the amount of bitcoins you wish to buy from the seller.

The seller will give you the details for local payments.

The seller will then release the bitcoins. Remember you need to send money in an hour to the seller. The seller may dispute your trade in the event that you do not do so.

Bitcoins will be added to your wallet.

Screenshot of the site

You can also buy Bitcoins. All you have to do is click on sell Bitcoins.


The majority of people in Pakistan trade Bitcoins via cash due to the ban on it. There was a second Bitcoin trading platform called Urdubit, but now they are not trading Bitcoins in Pakistan. It was the first Bitcoin trading platform that was available to Pakistan. Face-to-face buying Bitcoin in Pakistan is another option. Face-to-face deals are made with people and then you give the buyer cash in local currency.


To sum up, the trading of Bitcoin continues to be conducted in Pakistan. In addition, many are investing in Bitcoin despite knowing the risks involved in Bitcoin trading. If you are planning to purchase or sell Bitcoin in Pakistan it is important to keep in mind the repercussions of doing so. This article will cover every aspect of Bitcoin. We hope that you find answers to all your questions.

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